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The Ecological Society “BIOTICA”, Eco-TIRAS member, elaborated in cooperation with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Moldova and with support of Otto Foundation and Ramsar Small Grants Fund of the Ramsar Bureau the management plans for Moldavian wetlands of international importance in the Dniester River basin “Unguri-Holosnita” (middle Dniester) ( Rus , Rom) and a nuclear part of “Lower Dniester” Ramsar site “Talmaza wetlands” Rus) (Rus). Current drafts should be discussed by National Ramsar Committee and approved by the Minister. Comments are welcomed to be sent to addresses This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until March 10, 2008.

International Training of Trainers on wetlands management, April 7-24, Moldova

Международная экологическая ассоциация хранителей реки «Eco-TIRAS» объявляет конкурс проектов для приднестровских общественных организаций, направленный на улучшение взаимодействия общественных организаций и местных властей в решении экологических и социальных проблем региона и участия общественности в принятии решений в экологической и социальной сферах деятельности, повышение роли общественных организаций в жизни региона и местных сообществ. Подробнее

December 23, 2007, in Dniestrovsk, Transdniester, Moldova, local NGO “AcvaVita” in frames of Eco-TIRAS project supported by NED , organized round table to discuss environmental challenges dealing with the Cuciurgan Water Body, the cooler of Moldavian Power Station. Participants confirmed the further degrading of aquatic ecosystem and stressed the complex of social economic and environmental problems dealing with the status of the Cuciurgan River and water body, especially ash producing by Power Station. Further activities will be directed to solution of these challenges.