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This project Eco-TIRAS realizes in partnership with the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law (Budapest) with support of the European Commission. In frames of the project is planned to improve legal framework for NGOs in Moldova. The project covers also Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Among actions realized in 2007 are: support of the Parliament of Moldova in public discussions of governmental amendments to Law on Associations (1996), Conference in Parliament on best practices in not-for-profit law, drafting of regulations on public participation in decision making by government and by local authorities.

Rivers are alive. Their organism is a basin. Recently in frames of joint project of Eco-TIRAS and Center for Transboundary Cooperation (Tartu, Estonia) with support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia the Eco-TIRAS developed and published a map of Dniester River basin for educational scopes. (picture - 1.5 Mb)

On December 18-19, 2007 in Odessa, Ukraine, took place the Eleventh Meeting of Governmental Plenipotentiaries on Boundary Waters under the inter-state agreement from 1994. the most important decisions are approval of two regulations in frames of the Agreement 1994: The Regulation on Stakeholders Participation in the Actrivities of the Institute of Plenipotentiaries (Rus) and the Regulation on Cooperation of Moldova and Ukraine in management of joint website of the Dniester River basin (Rus).

In the beginning of August, 2007, Eco-TIRAS and its member NGO ‘Generatia PRO’ from the Village of Olanesti, Stafan Voda Region of Moldova and with leadership of Polish rural NGO Stowarzyszenie Ekologiczno-Kulturalne ZIARNO from Slubice near Plotzk, organized a study trip to Poland for young NGOs members from Moldova (Olanesti, Talmaza, Crocmaz, Rezina, Straseni, Dubasari and Bender). The summer school will include workshops about sustainable development, ecology, organic farming, developing the strategy, study tour through Poland including Rospuda river and canoeing and summary of experience received, developing the ideas for strategy for the rural communities of Moldova. The Project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.