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The Guide on small rivers management has been published

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The Guide on small rivers management has been published.

Опубликован гид по управлению малыми реками.

Опубликован гид по управлению бассейнами малых и средних рек. В нём рассказывается, как создать подбассейновый совет малой (средней) реки для того, чтобы шаг за шагом восстанавливать её. Проблема особенно актуальна для Молдовы, подверженной изменению климата. Гид подготовлен и опубликован в рамках проекта, осуществляемого Независимым институтом проблем окружающей среды (Берлин) в партнерстве с Международной ассоциацией хранителей реки Eco-TIRAS. Проект «Повышение потенциала по управлению водами в Республике Молдова» и профинансирован Программой технической помощи и содействия по окружающей среде Федерального министерства окружающей среды Германии странам Центральной и Восточной Европы, Кавказа и Центральной Азии и другим странам-соседях Европейского Союза, под наблюдением Агентства по окружающей среде Германии (UBA). Гид издан в двух вариантах - на румынском и русском языках. Скачать Гид можно здесь: RU Скачать, 2 Мб. RO – Descărcați, 2 Mb.

Краткое изложение Гида на английском, скачать

The Guide has been prepared and published in frames of the Project, implemented by the Independent Institute for Environmental Issues UFU (Berlin) in partnership with Eco-TIRAS International Association of River Keepers. The project “Capacity building for the water management in the Republic of Moldova” is funded by the German Federal Environment Ministry’s Advisory Assistance Programme (AAP) for environmental protection in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia and other countries neighbouring the European Union. It is supervised by the German Environment Agency (UBA).

The guide is supporting the management of small river basins in the Republic of Moldova. These basins include the small and middle rivers themselves and their surface waters (rivers, reservoirs, springs) as well as the floodplains, slopes and underground waters. The guide is addressing especially local public authorities to help them with the management of these small and middle river basins. It therefore presents the legislation on water management in the Republic of Moldova. And it explains how these rules are based on the general principles of integrated water resource management and how they are implemented for the small and middle river basins.

The first section is predominantly theoretical. The concept of “small and middle rivers”, the characteristics of their hydrological cycle and the impact of pollutants as well as other anthropogenic influences (straightening, regulation, stunning, etc.) on the quality of small and middle rivers are explained. With this chapter the importance of local water resources and the difference between management of large and small river basins is presented.

The second section is explaining the basic principles of creating “River Basin Councils” for small and middle river basins. Recommendations for practical measures how to install such a River Basin Council are given. And this section presents specific actions how to prepare a coordinated management plan for a small and middle river basin within such committees.

The third section gives local public authorities an overview what needs to be considered in the management of small river entities. It is structured as follows:
• A list of duties for local public authorities in the management of surface and underground waters in the territory of their jurisdiction;
• An overview on the national water legislation, with a focus on the new concepts and terms that have been introduced by the Moldova Water Law (which is using the concept of the EU Water Framework Directive)
• An overview on the governmental institutions, which are responsible for water resources. It highlights the need for a close collaboration in the planning of actions and the implementation of local water resource management plans
• An overview of available public sources of information that can be used for the development of actions for surface and groundwater management on a local level

Information on public funding opportunities to improve the status of local water resources and to support the work of river basin councils. The fourth section is offering some best practices for the local water resource management with a focus on low budget actions to restore the natural characteristics of the watercourses. Two annexes reflect: i) all small and middle rivers basins of Moldova according to the correspondent governmental regulation, and ii) the steps and its scheme which is necessary for establishing a small (middle) river basin committee.

English summary of Guide, download