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Международная конференция Днестр-2013

The International Conference “Transboundary Dniester River Basin Management in Frames of a New River Basin Treaty” will held in Chisinau on September 20-21.


New project to lower negative impact of sewage waters in rural areas

Eco-TIRAS participates in the “BLACK SEA NETWORK PROMOTING INTEGRATED NATURAL WASTEwater TREATMENT SYSTEMS - WASTENET project funded by the Black Sea Programme of the EU in the framework of its 2nd Call for Proposals will be held on August 29-30 in Chisinau.

  OUR SUMMER ON THE RIVER: Dniester-2013 Eco-TIRAS Youth Summer School, River Festival and 3 Kayaks’ Expeditions


It has become a good tradition starting from 2007 – to organize every year the Eco-TIRAS Dniester Youth Summer School , which unites youth of ages 16 -22 from both banks of the Dniester River, to promote the river and other environmental democracy values among the youngsters. 


Recently Eco-TIRAS started implementation of a new EU-financing project to develop new technologies to prevent the forest fires.