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The Dniester River banks will be cleaned in Rezina


On Saturday May 24th, 30 Army cadets and 4 representatives from the United States of America will partner up with approximately 25 residents of Rezina to fight against polluted areas in the community.

Cadets every year from the state of North Carolina come and train with cadets in Moldova in a cross cultural exchange. The past two years they have enhanced this exchange by selecting communities to visit and help out in various community activities. This year Rezina has been selected after viewing the Dniester-Nistru River with NGO Nufarul and Peace Corps Volunteer Kate Hanes, acting as local partners for the cleanup project day. The cleanup will take place starting at 11:00 in front of the Casa de Cultura in Rezina and targeting the banks of the Nistru in Rezina and the village of Stohnaia.



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