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Our Projects

Проект "Демократизация управления рекой Днестр" (2008-2010) поддержан голландским МИДом, выполняется Eco-TIRAS в партнерстве с европейским НПО "Женщины Европы за общее будущее" и имеет целью улучшение экологической ситуации на 4-х притоках Днестра: Буковэц (Молдова, организация-координатор - Терра-1530), Куболта (Молдова, организация-координатор Ормах, Дрокия), Золотая Липа (Украина, организация-координатор Край, Бережаны Тернопольской обл.) и Кучурган (Украина и Молдова-Приднестровье, организации-координаторы Клуб женщин Черного моря, Одесса, и Экоспектр-Бендеры, а также местное НПО АКВАВИТА). Вышел первый номер бюллетеня, посвященный проекту (Открыть)

The Project Democratization of Dniester River Governance" (2008-2010) is supported by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is realising by Eco-TIRAS in partnership with WECF - Women of Europe for Common Future, and has a goal to improve the management of 4 Dniester tributaries (Bucovat, Moldova, NGO-coordinator Terra-1530; Cubolta, NGO-coordinator - Ormax, Drochia; Zolota Lypa, Ukraine, NGO-coordinator - Kray, Berezhany-Ternopil Obl., and Kuchurgan - Ukraine and Moldova/Transdniester, NGO-coordinator in Ukraine - Black Sea Women Club (Odessa)and Ecospectrum-Bendery - NGO from Transdniester/Moldova and local NGO Acvavita). It is appeared first issues of Bulletin issued by NGO Terra-1530. 4(56) June-July 2008. and 6(58) December 2008


From February 2004 "Eco-TIRAS" starts the one-year duration project on strengthening of capacities of the Transnistrian NGOs, supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (USA) . more...

In 2004 "Eco-TIRAS" in partnership with Polish and Ukrainian NGOs will realize joint Polish-Moldovan-Ukrainian project Odra for Dniester - co-operation of NGOs, local and state authorities for protection of large European rivers, which has the aim to transfer know how of integrated transboundary river basin management from Odra to Dniester River. more...


The Project to improve the environmental rule of law in Moldova

The project (October 2012 – December 2013) has been realized with financial support of Small Democracy Grants Program of the US Embassy in Moldova. Its main goal was to help Eco-TIRAS to improve the national legislation dealing with some subjects of the environment as well as to share the international and national environmental legislation among Moldovan and Transnistrian eco-NGOs. more...