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International Conference in Bender, dedicated 140 yours of famous naturalist L.S. Berg

International Conference in Bender, dedicated 140 yours of famous naturalist L.S. Berg

The one-day conference is organized by the International Association of River Keepers "Eco-TIRAS" in cooperation with L.S. Berg Educational Foundation and Bender City Museum with the support of the OSCE Mission to Moldova. The conference is entitled "140 years of Acad. L.S. Berg” and covers the issues of transboundary cooperation on Dniester River, joint actions of Moldova, including its Transdniester region, and Ukraine, directed to water and health, flood prevention measures, water quality monitoring, and conservation of water biodiversity and ecosystems. Scientists from the region also formulated recommendations on priority actions to be taken by the governments of Moldova and Ukraine for the sustainable management of natural resources and strengthening of scientific cooperation.

The event brings together more than 100 participants, including scientists, experts, research institutes and environmental NGO activists from Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Hungary and Poland.

“The Conference is dedicated to the jubilee of famous naturalist L.S. Berg, both geographer and biologist, born in Bender 140 years ago. Organizing a Conference we do believe that such efforts will strengthen scientific cooperation on natural resources sustainable management. They could both help to stabilize the economy of the region and reunite the country divided more then a quarter of century ago by bloodshed conflict. People from Moldova and Transdniester exchanging with a new scientific knowledge, make ties and will be better jointly involved in international cooperation processes”, - commented the event Ilya Trombitsky, executive director of Eco-TIRAS International Association of River Keepers – the NGO- partner of OSCE Mission to Moldova, in the organization of this event. “We are happy to organize such conference because it unites the people of different regions, states and nations to think, discuss and exchange the views on how to manage the natural heredity in conditions of challenges which the current world meets. That is why the project is supported by OSCE” – added Tatiana Siniaeva, project manager of Eco-TIRAS.

OSCE regularly supports cooperative efforts of different groups from Moldova and Transdniester (school teachers, universities students and lecturers, farmers and agricultural specialists). The OSCE-supported project realizing by Eco-TIRAS in 2016 is also includes organization of the Dniester/Nistru youth summer school, two kayak expeditions along the river, seminars for agricultural specialists and brain-storming meetings on environmental cooperation of both banks. All planned events will involve equal representation of both parts of the frozen conflict.  

The project proceedings could be downloaded here (22 Mb) . Other information concerning the Conference will appear later.