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Meeting of Plenipotentiaries on Boundary Waters

On December 18-19, 2007 in Odessa, Ukraine, took place the Eleventh Meeting of Governmental Plenipotentiaries on Boundary Waters under the inter-state agreement from 1994. the most important decisions are approval of two regulations in frames of the Agreement 1994: The Regulation on Stakeholders Participation in the Actrivities of the Institute of Plenipotentiaries (Rus) and the Regulation on Cooperation of Moldova and Ukraine in management of joint website of the Dniester River basin (Rus).


The Plenipotentiaries also adopted decisions on establishing of working groups on sanitary-epidemiologic monitoring of the Lower Dniester waters and on biodiversity. It will be possible soon to register as a stakeholder on the website to be informed in time on coming events. We will inform on such option additionally. The reached progress is a result of successful “Dniester-1” and “Dniester-2” projects as well as of political will of both Parties. At the same time it is clear that evident progress in management of the Dniester River basin could be reached only in case of approval and implementation of the new Dniester River Basin Agreement which is drafted in frames of OSCE/UNECE projects. Currently the draft agreement is under coordination in both national governments.