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From April 2005 ‘Eco-TIRAS’ participates in partnership with Polish NGO ‘The Lower Silesian Foundation for Sustainable Development’ (Wroclaw) and Moldavian NGOs ‘Habitat’ (Rezina) and ‘Pelican’ (Bender, Transdniestria) inimplementation of the project on development of organic agriculture, biosafety and agrotourism in Dniester River Basin in Moldova. The project includes the study tour for 23 Moldavians to Poland, creation of three working groups to develop three new projects in these areas, and the conference on the project subject.

From February 2005 "Eco-TIRAS" realizes the next stage of the project on strengthening of capacities of the Transnistrian NGOs, supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (USA) . This is the second stage of project directed to development of civil society in the Eastern part of Moldova in towns and villages, situated along the Dniester River. On the earlier stage, five resource centers for NGOs were established in Ribnita, Dubasari, Tiraspol, Bender and the Village of Ciobruciu to support local communities with information on environmental and social issues. The current stage has the aim to help Transnistrian NGO community to involve in the life of regional and pan-European NGO communities and to strengthen their sustainability. Among other activities, it includes participation of a group of Transdniestrian NGO leaders in the activities of European ECO-Forum related to the Second Meeting of Parties of the Aarhus Convention in Almaty and the MPO itself, as well as local actions for the benefit of local communities. NGO community itself should be trained and developed.

In June 2005 ‘Eco-TIRAS’ as river-basin organization signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the TWINBASIN Project

International Conference ‘Integrated Management of Natural Resources in the Transboundary Dniester River Basin with presence of 160 participants from Moldova and abroad was organized by Eco-TIRAS in partnership with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Moldova in Chisinau, Moldova, in September 2004. " Russian and English. In parallel with this Conference the Second Eco-Forum ‘Eco-Dniester-2004’ took place. During both events the recommendations on improvement of ecological situation in the Dniester River basin were adopted. The proceedings of conference are published in 1000 copies and reflected on this site. The different elements of the Conference and Eco-Forum were supported by RITA, NED, MRDA/CRDF, MilieuKontakt, Chisinau Mayor Office, The World as Mirror for Moldova Foundation and NGO EcoPolis-Chisinau.