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In 2016 Eco-TIRAS realized the activities directed to confidence building between stakeholders of Moldova and Transdniester.


Eco-TIRAS обратился в Европейскую Комиссию по вопросу о продвижении Днестровского бассейнового договора

Almost four years have gone from the signing of the Dniester River basin treaty. But this very high quality bilateral agreement did not came into force due to reluctance of Ukraine to ratify this intergovernmental document, signed in Rome on November 29, 2012 .


The regulatory document on creation of Constructed Wetlands in Moldova is adopted. It was developed in the frames of the UNECE – WECF – Eco-TIRAS project on implementation of the Protocol on Water and Health in Moldova, supported by Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency SDC and approved by the Ministry of Regional Development and Constructions of Moldova.

gef dniester

Руководство Глобального экологического фонда (ГЭФ, выделило почти два миллиона долларов на молдавско-украинский проект «Содействие трансграничному сотрудничеству и комплексному управлению водными ресурсами в бассейне реки Днестр».